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  • Comment: Blue Shield Security is amazing! Jeremy came out personally to show me exactly what I needed, and how it was going to work. Stevie and Dale showed up and went above and beyond for me! I know I threw them more then enough curve balls and they just rolled right with it and got everything done exactly how I wanted it! I’m still playing with all the settings but so far I’m loving the capability of this system! I’m now living in the 21st century and I can control everything in my home with my cell phone. It is great to have 360 peace of mind when it comes to my home! THANK YOU BLUE SHIELD SECURITY!!!
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What Makes Blue Shield Security Different

We strive to bring the best service experience to our family of customers while providing the highest quality equipment made in America. We will hold ourselves to the highest level of honor, integrity and service, knowing that foundations are built on the oath of honor taken by all law enforcement across the nation.

Here at Blue Shield Security, we will serve our community with a Christ-like spirit, giving back to help and assist all in need. We will donate 10% of all profits earned back to our local communities. We will donate to our local police, firefighters, EMS and teachers! We dream big and believe that with faith we can accomplish anything together.

Blue Shield will make a statement around the county about how to pay and treat the people that are responsible for most of our success. We will pay our employees the income they deserve for helping our company grow. Blue Shield Security brought back the 20 year retirement plan and offer the highest pay in the industry! Companies will either follow suit or they will lose their top talent to us, because we are coming to a town near you!

Providing police around the country and opportunity town their own business earning life-changing money, while stil protecting and serving us without their life being in danger everyday.

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