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Health Sensor Reading

In today's population, infectious diseases like covid-19 are spreading rapidly not just because people are unaware, but also because the virus in the air can transmit through very small particles. Halo Smart Sensor has a health sensor reading feature that can monitor a building's potential danger of an airborne infectious disease outbreak in real-time. This advanced gadget is ideal for detecting airborne particulates and determining when they have reached harmful densities. It can either alert the people in the building or transmit the data to the automation systems in the building to be sorted out immediately by starting the filtration process.

Blue Shield Security is the proud and official provider of this absolute safety device. Halo Smart Sensor offers other parameters along with this health index, such as vape sensor reading and safety sensor reading. To get the product installed inside your facility, you can call us at 469-425-8822. Check this link to reach us online. We are available in the following service areas - Dallas, Allen, Arlington, Fort Worth, Grapevine, Plano, Irving, and others.

What Are The Health Index Factors Halo Smart Sensor Provides?

By installing Halo Smart Sensor, you can be assured that your building is safe from any harmful particles affecting the indoor air. You can save money as well because this product runs your HVAC system efficiently. There are five primary health index factors that this sensor offers:

  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2): Research has shown that even at concentrations as low as 1,000 ppm, people's brain function and decision-making ability can be negatively impacted. As a byproduct of human respiration, humans are the primary contributor to CO2 levels inside buildings. The combination of this and insufficient airflow results in dangerously high concentrations of carbon dioxide in many facilities. Halo Smart Sensor is able to detect the situation.
  • Particulate Matter (1 μm, 2.5 μm, 10 μm): Particulate Matter (PM) 2.5 poses the greatest environmental health risk worldwide. Airborne PM consists of both solid bits and liquid droplets. PM can cause allergic reactions in healthy individuals after long-term exposure. Halo is smart enough to sense its level.
  • Humidity (RH): Mildew & mold develop in humid, damp environments. These can destroy your property's structure and attack the occupants with severe allergic reactions. Halo Smart Sensor keeps an eye on the humidity level and helps control the situation.
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC): Many products, such as cleaning solutions, disinfectants, paints, and varnishes, are sources of volatile organic compounds. Low-level exposure to VOCs for a short time can cause minor symptoms like throat irritation, nausea, and fatigue. Higher levels of respiratory irritation, as well as kidney and liver damage, have all been related to long exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2): NO2 is a natural and manmade residual gas that affects human health severely. It causes a variety of serious conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac diseases, and even premature death in extreme cases.
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Get The Authentic Halo Smart Sensor from Blue Shield Security

When it comes to the health of your family, Halo Smart Sensor has brought a revolutionary change. Our company doesn't tolerate any compromise, in terms of the security of your facilities. Make a call at 469-425-8822 today to purchase the most authentic product from us.

What Makes Blue Shield Security Different

We strive to bring the best service experience to our family of customers while providing the highest quality equipment made in America. We will hold ourselves to the highest level of honor, integrity and service, knowing that foundations are built on the oath of honor taken by all law enforcement across the nation.

Here at Blue Shield Security, we will serve our community with a Christ-like spirit, giving back to help and assist all in need. We will donate 10% of all profits earned back to our local communities. We will donate to our local police, firefighters, EMS and teachers! We dream big and believe that with faith we can accomplish anything together.

Blue Shield will make a statement around the county about how to pay and treat the people that are responsible for most of our success. We will pay our employees the income they deserve for helping our company grow. Blue Shield Security brought back the 20 year retirement plan and offer the highest pay in the industry! Companies will either follow suit or they will lose their top talent to us, because we are coming to a town near you!

Providing police around the country and opportunity town their own business earning life-changing money, while stil protecting and serving us without their life being in danger everyday.

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Highly recommend Jeremy and his team! Very professional and proficient! Our commercial building for our Roofing business is all set up with inside, outside cameras, sensors, climate control, digital door locks! Awesome that we can run everything off of one App! Thanks Again guys!

Beyond pleased with the service Blue Shield provided for me to keep my family safe! Everyone I spoke to was an expert and made sure I fully understood everything that was going to happen. They were punctual and even finished well before the estimated completion time. 10/10 business and I don't say that lightly.

Blue shield Security is amazing!
"Beyond pleased with service Blue Shield Security provided for me to keep my family safe! Everyone I spoke to was an expert and made sure i understood everything that was going to happen.

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